AmbientBox provides the tools necessary to understand and control how ambiance effects profitability.

How does it work?

The AmbientBox units capture sound, light, temperature, humidity, air quality and send data to the AmbientBox cloud servers for processing.

The AmbientBox big data algorithms consume the raw sensor data, compare it with brand guidelines and create AmbientScores for each space. AmbientScores are unique in many ways, but most importantly they treat all front-of-house systems as if they were a single ecosystem.

The AmbientScore is used to create unique instruction sets for each connected front-of-house system and delivers it via a direct control unit** or Application Programming Interface (API).

Multi-unit and multi-facility installations
Multi-unit installations enable different areas within a larger space to update independently. Multi-facility installations enable remote monitoring, reporting and control from a remote location.

Alerts & Reports
A unique AmbientScore is created in the cloud and used to create, natural language, actionable alerts for each important ambient state change. Alerts are consumed instantly via App, SMS, viewed ad-hoc at and or reviewed daily in an email.

Different types of ambiance
AmbientBox captures different types of ambiance in real-time including: room volume, light intensity, light color, temperature, humidity and air-quality.

* Might require custom development to interface with your specific front-of-house system.

The Science of Ambiance (Restaurants)

The AmbientBox Hypothesis: Using custom algorithms and off the shelf sensors, AmbientBox can increase profitability and guest loyalty by automating front-of-house systems. Front-of-house systems include air quality, blinds, humidity, lighting, light color, music volume, music playlists, and temperature.

When you look at the wealth of complaints on services like Yelp, OpenTable, Twitter and Facebook, it’s often about ambiance. The team at AmbientBox is constantly analysing the ambiance at different types of businesses and our focus is to identify different ambient patterns that if automated will increase profitability and guest loyalty. This report highlights two ambient patterns recently identified within restaurants.

The graphs below represents one full day at two different restaurants.


Guests visiting an establishment that leverage the pattern Customer-Driven-Ambiance will experience multiple types of ambiance during a single meal.



Guests visiting an establishment that leverage the pattern Controlled-Ambiance will experience a consistent overall ambiance during a single meal.


Observation: Managers who run controlled-ambiance establishments will spend a significantly greater portion of their shift manually aligning front-of-house systems, e.g. lights, HVAC, blinds, music playlists and music volume.

How AmbientBox works: AmbientBox calculates ambiance by continuously monitoring sound pressure, light, temperature, humidity and air quality. Our proprietary algorithms filter out music volume and background noise and create unique instruction sets instruction sets for each front-of-house system. The instruction sets are delivered via a control unit, Application Programming Interface (API), or to our web/mobile dashboards.

What’s next: AmbientBox is currently field testing:
(1) How ambiance affects guest loyalty?
(2) Ways to increase the number of tables turned during a busy shift, without decreasing guest loyalty?
(2) Ways to encourage customers to spend more money per ticket, without decreasing guest loyalty?
(4) How ambiance affects a customer’s willingness to recommend a friend?

Interested: If your’re interested in participating in this next phase of research, please use tihs form to join the waiting list.

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