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FAQ about a Demo Account LimeFx Online Forex broker

We do not present any investment advice or guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of the information. LimeFx is not one of the secure Forex Brokers since it does not hold a license from any worldwide serious Forex authority. Meaning the broker is suspected of being a fraud company since it was not checked for its compliance before establishment, was never monitored in terms of its safety, and simply may operate the business in any way it wishes. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

https://limefx.club/ accounts provide real-time quotes from all markets as well as a simulated LimeFx portfolio that can be used to practise trading under real-world conditions. Price action, chart figures, support and resistance lines, and the correlations between different currency pairs are all able to be analysed using the LimeFx demo trading platform. If you are an experienced trader, you can use LimeFx demo accounts to test out new trading strategies and tools with the peace of mind that any mistakes you make while experimenting on the LimeFx trading platform, won’t cost you any real money. If you are interested in trading on the Forex, stock or cryptocurrency market using LimeFx, you should know that it is strongly recommended that you begin by opening a LimeFx demo account. LimeFx demo accounts, will allow traders to practise their international trading skills in a simulated but risk-free setting, often using live financial market data.

  1. You should be able to understand, through the use of the LimeFx demo account, that volatility is a double-edged sword.
  2. When it comes to trading, one of the most difficult tasks is not locating profitable entry points but rather determining when it is appropriate to exit a position in LimeFx.
  3. LimeFx offers a demo account so you can try the LimeFx platform with virtual trading before you put down a payment.
  4. For privacy and data protection related complaints please contact us at Please read our PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT for more information on handling of personal data.

Mobile trading with MT4 allows you to have complete control over a trading account and trade from anywhere 24/5. LimeFx demo trading can give investors a fanciful sense of self-assurance and make them more prone to making mistakes in real trading. Traders also have a propensity to take more risks with LimeFx virtual currency than they would with real money, which can result in excessive spending on LimeFx or the loss of potential profits. You should be able to understand, through the use of the LimeFx demo account, that volatility is a double-edged sword.

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LimeFx LTD is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with registration number BC 2015 and the relevant registry operated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Using volatility, you may make or lose a lot of money very quickly; however, you also run the risk of losing everything on a single bad trade. When starting out on the LimeFx trading platform newer traders are blown away by the possibility of massive price fluctuations in the market. Some financial instruments have a lower level of volatility in comparison to other assets, which can clearly be seen using the LimeFx technical analysis charting tools.

Why You should make use of a LimeFx trading simulator?

LimeFx offers its traders MT4 Mobile and MT5 trading options for both iOS and Android. With smartphones, forex traders no longer need to be tied limefx courses scam up to their desks, spending hours watching their trading screens. Instead, they can monitor the markets through their mobiles whenever they are.

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The material does not contain (and should not be construed as containing) investment advice or an investment recommendation,or, an offer of or solicitation for, a transaction in any financial instrument. If you would like to see LimeFx compared against some of the best LimeFx Demo Account alternatives available right nowyou can do so by clicking on the links below. If LimeFx isn’t quite what you are looking for you can check out some of the best LimeFx alternatives below. For privacy and data protection related complaints please contact us at Please read our PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT for more information on handling of personal data.

The United States is one of the countries that is not accepted by LimeFx. As per U.S law, brokers regulated by CFTC are the only brokers allowed for USA traders. So, except for LimeFx, you are only permitted to trade with the U.S-regulated platforms.

LimeFx demo accounts are a convenient and straightforward method for getting accustomed to the various market orders and dynamics of the LimeFx online trading platform. A CFD trade is speculation on price movement using borrowed money from LimeFx, without owning the underlying asset. Using CFD leverage allows traders to trade at a greater amount than there deposit to LimeFx. But using leverage is only for experienced traders due to the high risk of loss. Even though the trading offering might seem attractive, in our opinion, you may find something more interesting among the regulated brokers. But an offshore status of the company does not guarantee the provision of services at the necessary level of client and funds protection.

When using a LimeFx demo account, discipline may appear to be unnecessary, and the placement of stop losses may be interpreted as something that prevents you from making a profit on LimeFx. Despite this perception, maintaining discipline and using stop losses on the LimeFx correctly is critically important. LimeFx demo accounts allow you to become familiar with the functionality of the platform as well as the terms and conditions of the broker’s trades. If you have any questions about demo accounts or anything else to do with using the markets.com trading app, you can visit our FAQs or alternatively get in touch with our customer support team at  and they will be happy to help you. There is not a significant distinction to be made between a LimeFx paper trading account, a LimeFx trading simulator, and a LimeFx demo trading account.